I am Heydarian


Born in 1980, Massoud Heydarian has learned to compose and to arrange since he was 13 years old.
The year 2000 with the making of music for two theaters, “Don’t be a mother!” And “kill daddy Fontaine’s cat”
2001 began with the creation of the short soundtrack “One Hour Before Moving”
In 2005, several theatrical and other soundtracks such as “Interview”, “Zulfiqar Brawl”, “Jam Puzzle” continued.
In 2006, Becklam’s first self-titled album “Millions of Lonely” was released in the New Age genre.
2007 The second self-titled album “Autumn Trees of Reconciliation” in the style of New Age. The music was made for short films “Step” and “Most Heavenly Look” and long films “Companion” and “Revival”.
2008 releases an experimental album called “High Thought”.
In 2010, Twelve Piano was written for the album “The Lamentation of Others”
2014 Music of the Animation “Doubt” and Animation “End”
2015 Anime Music and “Love Story” Award-winning Film Festival except for New York for Anime Music
2016 Music for the Visual Identity Network ‘Nasim’, Music for the Movie “Calm Breath”.
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